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Pub Quiz Game

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Host Your Own Pub Quiz Game by Talking Tables. An update on our classic pub quiz, upgraded trivia quiz game with brand new question topics for you to enjoy.

With 'Guess the Dish', 'Where in the World' a QR music round and even a 'Dingbats' round of word puzzles, With over 400 trivia questions on 10 subjects including sports, movies, music and general knowledge, this quiz game will keep players entertained for an hour or two and is guaranteed to bring out a competitive streak.

Contents includes: An Instructions Booklet, 42x Quiz Question Cards, 6x Joker Cards, 2x Props, 1x Gameplay Pad, 1x Answer Pad, 1 x Rules of Play, 1x Scoreboard Poster and 1x Chalk Recommended for age 16+ and 2+ players.