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Pink Ribbed Balloon Shaped Wine Glassware

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Indulge in the beauty and elegance of the Pink Waterfall Balloon Wine Glasses, sold as a set of two. Standing tall at 8.25 inches with a diameter of 4.25 inches, these glasses offer a stunning and sophisticated design. With a generous capacity of 19.25 ounces, they are perfect for enjoying your favorite wines or cocktails during the upcoming warmer seasons. The Pink Waterfall Balloon Wine Glasses feature a captivating ripple texture, creating a visual spectacle that adds a touch of whimsy to your drinking experience. The ombre design, transitioning from pink to clear, lends a soft and graceful aesthetic, evoking the beauty of a cascading waterfall. Adorned with a luxurious gold rim, these glasses exude a sense of luxury and refinement, elevating your sipping experience to new heights.